COVID-19 Information

We are open and intend to stay that way!

However, we are setting guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible:

We are only allowing limited occupancy so we can maximize safety and social distancing.

We have closed the Clubhouse, Office, Pool, and Showers until further notice.

The laundry room is open to only one family at a time, with a mask, and you are responsible for sanitizing all surfaces before and after use.

In addition, per CDC recommendations, social distancing and masks are required to be worn on the property for all interactions with employees or guests not in your immediate party. Refer to your guest check in materials with links to the guidelines for further details.

Anyone not abiding by these requirements may be asked to leave.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but for the safety of our guests and employees these guidelines will be strictly enforced. Please do your part to minimize the spread and keep our park open.

Thank you!

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